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Usenet client settings

Standard settings

Serveradres (hostname):
Port: 119. Connections 100

SSL settings

Serveradres (hostname):
Port: 443 or 563. Connections 100

When you have registered your account you can connect to our servers using a usenet client (reader). Some examples are Newsleecher, Alt.Binz and Sabnzbd, many more are available. You can setup your reader using the settings on this page.

Please visit our forum to get the maximum support on your questions. We dedicated team to help you and members help other members.

You use the same credentials for the website and your newsreaders and the forum.

We have a dedicated support team that is available to you every day. Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions. Please make sure that our address is whitelisted and isn’t in your spam list.

Hitnews has upgraded to TLS connections on our secure servers

Why Did we do that?

SSL is insecure and obsolete because of vulnerabilities found in the protocol and it has been replaced by TLS. There’s no practical difference between using port 119 (plaintext) and SSL

So, what to do now?
You’ll need to use a modern news reader to have access to the secured Hitnews servers. Here are our recommendations


Spotnet Classic –

Full Usenet Clients
Newsleecher (Must be the beta, version 7 does not support TLS)

Make sure you’ve updated your settings to our new servers on ports 443 or 563 for secure TLS connections

  • You indicate that you have problems with spotnet.
    We have adjusted the security of your services, but spotnet apparently has some problems with that in the beginning.

    Please proceed as follows:

    Uninstall Spotnet.
    Not everything will be gone from your PC after removing it, please follow the steps below.

    1 Click on my computer (this computer)
    2 click on the c drive
    3 Click on the folder program data*
    4 Scroll down until you see the SpotNet map*
    5 Delete this folder!!

    *NB! you may not see the program data folder.
    You can fix this by clicking tools > folder options > view > Show hidden files and folders.
    I myself use an English operating system and at the moment I can’t remember what it says if it concerns a Dutch OS.

    Once you have completed these steps, go to the following link and download Spotnet Classic

    Once you have downloaded Spotnet, you will install it.
    When the installation is complete, fill in the following information:

    Your username and password
    server :
    Port : 563
    Connections : 50
    SSL : Select this

    If you have filled in everything, then spotnet will create a new database and it will work again.

For the “header” problem in Spotlite, please follow this:

Open spotlite
Go to “options”
Then to configuration

Under “spots” you will find : Max. number headers.
This is now on “1000000000”. Change this  into  “1000000” and click “OK”.

Now it is saved, and should be working again.

If you get a 502 error please try to find the full error message:

502 – access denied
This error means you are using a wrong username or password. Please note that your username and password are case-sensitive. You can use the same username and password that you use to login on our website. If you cannot remember your password you can reset it using the password forgotten function at the login page on our website. If you have just (re)activated your account then please also note that it can take up 60 minutes for an inactive account to become active again on all servers.

502 – hit connection limit
You are trying to make more connections to our system than are allowed within your account. Please check the serversettings in your reader. Also please make sure there is no other program or computer that is using connections from your account.

To prevent spam we have disabled posting for all accounts. If you would like to have this function enabled just send an email to our support department and we’ll activate it for you.